Mr. Tony .O. Anakebe


Mr. Tony .O. Anakebe is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Gold-Link Investment Nigeria Ltd. A businessman of no mean stature.

He started his career in Clearing and Forwarding more than 15 years with Ideato Trans-world Agency Nigeria 1999 as a Clearing Officer, a position he held until 2002 when he resigned from the company to take up another appointment with Masphala Nigeria Ltd as Supervisory Officer.

In 2005, he reigned and established his own company known today as Gold-Link Investment Nigeria Ltd.

Mr. Anakebe has been a major contributor to the development of the Nigerian Maritime industry through his many press briefings and write-ups.

His company, Gold-Link Investment Nigeria Ltd.was established to provide high professional services in the shipping  and Maritime Consultancy in all Nigerian Seaport and airport to clients not only in the public and private sector of the economy of Nigeria but also internationally through its global connections.

Global-Link has maintained a steady growth rate since it was established and is today one of the few stable and well organized Nigerian Controlled Freight Forwarding outfit in the country parading state-of-the-art equipment for administrative cargo handling.

Our Icon’s company is endowed with disciplined staff identifiable with high level of professional skills and dedicated to excellence. The exemplary qualities of the staff have always earned the team commendations both in cash and in kind from all the existing clients.

Gold-Link Investment Nigeria a customs licensed company and also a member of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) in the Tincan Island Chapter.

His company is also a member of the International Federation of freight Forwarding Associations (FIATA) as well as a member of the Nigeria Export Promotion Council for over 10 years now.

The organization for which Mr. Anakebe has built does not only clear goods to protect clients from prohibitive rent and demurrages but also monitor the discharging of imports from handling vessel to prevent damages.

His company has been able to achieve these because of the cream of experienced and dedicated team he maintains coupled with the cordial relationships existing between the company, the Nigerian Ports Authority, the Nigeria Customs Service, the shipping lines and the government agencies in the ports.

A visit to his company’s head office at suit 25/26 NPA containerized office complex by Union Bank, Tincan Island, Apapa, Lagos, you will appreciate the modern set up which guarantees effective management of bulk and containerized cargo of any magnitude.

Mr. Anakebe through his company also handles clearing of ship loads of chemical, rice, paper reels, structures and equipment fast.

Our icon has had many industries and companies benefited and are still benefiting from the services of his company. The benefiting industries and companies include but not limited to; Sac-Mac Haret Industries Nig. Ltd. Lagos, J.Jumac industries Nig. Ltd., Lagos, King’s Paint industries Nig. Ltd. Benin, Winco Industries Nig. Ltd. Lagos, Trans Aloma Motors Nig. Ltd. Onitsha, Orange Drugs Ltd. Lagos, Bah Engineering Nig. Ltd. Lagos and Daichi Engineering Services Nig. Ltd.Abuja.

Others are; Elbe Pharma Nig. Ltd. Lagos, Anesco Investment Nig. Ltd. Lagos, Nasarawa State Government and Admark Construction Company Abuja.

Despite the company set up, its tariff and scale of charges are moderate and negotiable as Mr. Anakebe has anchored its framework  on the present dispensation of Destination inspection of all imports.

It may interest you to know, dear reader that Mr. Anakebe Tony is not working alone as he has a team of supporting staff that help him drive his vision. They include; Mr. Promise Uluocha who ranks as the Manager and with experience spanning over two decades in the industry. A graduate of the Lagos State University, Daniel Agada, an Ordinary National diploma (OND) holder who has garnered an appreciable experience in the clearing and forwarding industry and very industrious too.

Cosmos Emekwuru, a graduate of the Lagos State university who has also been in the business for about 15 years now, Tunde Ajibade who prides himself with well over 10 years experience as well as Ambrose Agboji with over 12 years experience on the job.

Others include; Ngozi Omenih, the 1st Secretary who joined the services of the company after her Secretarial Studies and has displayed her secretarial skills creditably, Favour Kalu, the 2nd Secretary with a very high speed when it comes to typing and Blessing Umekwe, the Personal Assistant to the Managing Director and Chief Executive.

As a Limited liability company who runs according to the dictates of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Gold-Link has in its employ, a Legal Adviser and Company Secretary in the Person of Mr. Uche C. Ihadiwa of the Uche Ihadiwa and Co., a Principal Partner in the law firm with over 24 years experience in the Bar.

Our Icon runs a firm that transcends the borders of Nigeria as gold-Link has opened an international office in Dubai, united Arab Emirates while that of the Republic of China will come on stream before the end of the year.

Mr. Tony Anakebe led Management will not compromise itself with half-baked manpower in this present era of competition and the search for excellence as evident in the quality of team and staff it parades.

To this effect, it is in the company’s tradition to keep with the best all the time both in logistics and efficient handling/ monitoring of the clients’ consignments before and after handling from the carrying vessels.

His Company’ door to door services is the focal point that made it outstanding from other competitors as can  be evident by the patronage it has enjoyed from both indigenous and international organizations in the country.

Gold-Link holds Goods-In-Transit Insurance policy for additional safety of goods it handles and the policy covers the company’s lorries as well as those that it may hire from its accredited transporters who also maintain GIT policy for their fleet on clients’ request.

Our icon’s company has fleet of two container carrying trucks which are complimented with trucks from renowned haulage companies.

Mr. Anakebe through his company provides warehousing services to his clients who could not provide storage for their containers which are guarded by well known security outfit in the country.

For these and other trail blazing achievements to numerous to mention here for want of space, we at the Primetime Reporters has to chosen to name Mr. Tony O. Anakebe  our icon for this week. Congratulations to you Mr. Tony and to your company, Gold-Link Investment Nig. Ltd. through which you are affecting lives and advancing the course of humanity!  




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