Who will be the rightful candidate?


By Stephen Chibuzor

Chai, what stupid mania!

Smoking their words like panla,

Election at the corner, I wonder,

What they do is to sweet-talk

And if eventually they get on the seat,

Renege is all they do to please their pockets.


I could remember an election candidate prolix,

“That his opposition party would carry out civil disobedience”

It sounded so stupidly sweet to his ears and theirs.

Frankly, he is a propagandist

And to propagate is his hobby.

His words are schlock to me,

But if divine, let it be.


Bloods on their hands but innocent they seem.

On the outside they appear gleam,

But in the inside it all looks real,

Playing politics is always their meal.

One word for them, Beware!

It takes just a pen to be there.


My pen is like a chorus

And my composition, like a dark horse.

I speak for the people

And by the people, I was sent.

A man of his words is what we need,

And not a man with grains of salt.


Mahatma Gandhi could be the man,

But he parted.

Chinua Achebe was our rightful candidate,

It’s a pity he deserted.

Someone have to stand in for them,

One with the name “wisdom”


Who will be the rightful candidate?

So special and won’t put us on his selfish mandate,

Provide us with fundamental amenities in his priority,

And not starve but serve us.

The end justifies the means, I say

Let us watch and pray for that day.



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