Obiano thanks Ndi Anambra, urges support for APGA in Ekwusigo, Anaocha and seats in the re-scheduled elections


…Says APGA victory in State Assembly elections exposes PDP’s rigging machinery in NASS polls

Democracy deepened last Saturday following the free and fair conduct of the State House of Assembly election in Anambra State, with the State governor, Chief Willie Obiano expressing thanks to Ndi Anambra and urging the voters to consolidate on the gains of democracy achieved in the State by voting for the remaining four candidates of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in the rescheduled State House of Assembly elections in  Ekwusigo, Anaocha and Aguata local government areas of the State.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), through its Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) had announced APGA winner in 26 State House of Assembly seats, declaring as inconclusive the election that took place in Uga Ward 1 in Aguata 1 State Constituency, Adazi-ani Ward, Adazi-Nnukwu Ward 1, Agulu Wards 1 – 4 all in Anaocha 1 Constituency and Nri Ward 1 and 2 in Anaocha 2 State Constituency as well as Ekwusigo State Constituency.

Governor Obiano in a Statewide broadcast to the people of the State on Tuesday thanked the voters in the State  for their massive support  for APGA in the House of Assembly Election held on Saturday, April 11, 2015, and called  specifically on the affected people of  “…Ekwusigo, Anaocha and Aguata to play a role in creating a brighter future for yourselves by voting for the four APGA candidates standing election this Saturday”.

Governor Obiano who reminded them that their brothers and sisters from all over Anambra State voted for APGA urged them to join the moving train, noting that, “… last Saturday, history was made in Anambra State. Yes, last Saturday, we joined hands with one another to lay the foundation for a prosperous Anambra State.  We rose as one people to affirm the words of the Anambra Anthem that “… in togetherness, we will build a land of progress”.

“Ndi Anambra, when we cast our votes for the All Progressive Grand Alliance in the House of Assembly election, we offered a huge support to on-going efforts to re-imagine a bigger and better Anambra State. I must thank you for voting massively for all the 30 candidates of APGA in the House of Assembly election”, the Governor said.

Quoting Eric Hofer, an American writer and thinker who observed that “the only way to predict the future is to have the power to shape it”, the Governor said that the massive votes for APGA in last Saturday’s election was an expression of the fact that the people “have graciously handed to me and Nkem Okeke, the power to shape the future of Anambra State. You have massively renewed, re-invigorated and re-validated the sacred mandate you gave to us to build a better state for you…and we shall not fail you. Ndi Anambra we shall not let you down!”

According to governor Obiano, “our victory in last Saturday’s election has thoroughly exposed the large scale fraud, perpetrated by the PDP in the March 28, 2015 National Assembly election in Anambra State. The voting patterns and the overall results have shown that APGA actually swept all the three Senatorial Seats in the state but the outcome was manipulated to give temporary victory to PDP.”

He told those who stole the mandate given by the people to APGA candidates in the National Assembly Elections not to gloat, as according to him, “…don’t rejoice for too long, because this injustice shall not stand!  Ndi Anambra, we have resolved that those who rob us in the dead of the night shall not have the liberty to enjoy their spoils in the light of day. We have assembled a mountain of evidence to deny them that un-merited happiness. Ndi Anambra, we shall re-possess those stolen mandates!”

Governor Obiano recalled that the anti-democracy agents that robbed the people of the mandate they gave to APGA  in the National Assembly elections “ also made another attempt to hijack the electoral process in the House of Assembly election last Saturday, “ but failed woefully  “in their attempts to manipulate the people’s will again in Ekwusigo,  Anaocha 1 and 2 and Aguata 1,  in the April 11 House of Assembly election.

The Governor urged the people to remain vigilant and to troop out en masse to vote for APGA in the remaining four State constituency seats in Ekwusigo, Anaocha 1 and 2 as well as Aguata 1.

Said he: “This Saturday, all eyes must be on the four places where voting will take place. We must always remember the wise words of former American President, Thomas Jefferson that ‘ “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance”.  We must all rise to the challenge of ensuring that the constitutional rights of our people to decide who should represent them in the legislative assembly is not tampered with”.

He assured voters in Ekwusigo, Anaocha and Aguata that he would do everything humanly possible to ensure that the candidates of their choice emerge victorious in the rescheduled State House of Assembly election, hoping that  “… our great party, APGA, will sweep the four Seats in contention, I wish to assure Ndi Anambra as the Chief Security Officer of this great state, that the contest will be free, fair and peaceful”.

The governor explained that he had the assurances of INEC and all the Service Commanders in the state that,“the process will be free of the challenges that led to the
cancellation of the exercise last weekend.

Furthermore, the Governor urged the voters “to stand up and be counted… and “to lend a hand in the current efforts to create a brighter future for Anambra State.

In the words of Werner Erhard, foremost American critical thinker, “we create our future from our future, not our past”.


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