NAGAFF announces dissolution of its NEC, claims credit for CRFFN’s establishment


The National Association of Government of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) has announced the dissolution of its National Executive Committee (NEC).

This was contained in a press release issued on Thursday by the Secretary to the NAGAFF’s Board of Trustees (BoT), Mr. Dipo Olayoku and made available to Primetime Reporters.

According to Olayoku, the dissolution which was done in consultation with the National President, Dr. Eugene Nweke was aimed at repositioning the management team for improved efficiency and service to members.

He further pointed out that the BoT had given approval for the constitution of a new NEC without delay so as to avoid a vacuum adding that any NAGAFF member who had attended the approved mandatory executive courses of the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN) and having a minimum qualification of first Degree or its equivalent from any higher institution was eligible to take up responsibility in the association.

“The Board of Trustees (BOT) of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) in consultation with the National President has dissolved the National Executive Council (NEC) of the Association with a view to repositioning the management team for improved efficiency and services to members.

“In the same vein, the BOT has given approval for the constitution of a new NEC immediately to avoid a vacuum.  Consequently, any NAGAFF member who has attended the approved executive mandatory courses of the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN) and/or having a minimum qualification of first degree or its equivalent from any higher Institution is eligible to take up responsibility in the Association.

“The administration of NAGAFF shall continue to be piloted by men and women of proven record and sound cerebral endowment for obvious reasons.  NAGAFF, as a revolutionary freight forwarding organization with the main objective of liberating practitioners, is mindful of its operating environment and is being careful of who assumes leadership for the purpose of continuity.  NAGAFF is very much aware that money-bags in other sister Associations and some revenue defaulting elements who may not buy into the change mantra in Nigeria can infiltrate it to induce some destabilization acts.

“We have successfully facilitated the establishment of CRFFN as a regulatory agency of the freight forwarding profession and we are striving to enthrone its validity in practice.  As an Act of the National Assembly and an agency of the Government, it is a fact and in law that CRFFN as a new legislation has overriding powers to any other law of the same or similar responsibility.  There is no doubt that CEMA and CRFFN are not on the same page in the enthronement of freight forwarding as a profession in
Nigeria.  It is most unfortunate and regrettable that the Nigeria Customs Service (NSC) may not have realized that its most strategic partner in the administration and management of Customs Laws is the CRFFN”, he said.

He continued, “In a situation whereby the Comptroller General of Customs Rtd. Col. Hameed Ali during his familiarization tour of the Western Command did not include CRFFN HQRS among other Government agencies and parasatals he visited underscores the fact that the two organizations i.e. CRFFN and the NCS may not be on the same page.  We may not blame CGC Hameed Ali at the moment because we just assume that the Protocol Officers may have deliberately acted otherwise.  Our hope and thinking is that the new DCG’s and ACG’s shall help him to drive the reform and restructuring exercise to the glory of God and the benefit of mankind.  NAGAFF is conversant and familiar with all the newly appointed management team of the service and we do endorse their competence and capacity to drive the presidential mandate of reform, restructure and enhanced revenue collections in the Customs ports
and approved border stations.
“At this juncture, we wish to draw the attention of the new management to the danger in the Licensing regulation which award Customs clearing licence to Corporate entities. The licensing regulation, if not reviewed such that licenses are granted to individuals under the regulations of CRFFN, the ongoing reforms, restructuring and enhanced revenue drive shall be like building a castle on shifting sand.  The abuse inherent in the licensing of Corporate entities is not only doing a severe harm to Government revenue but equally poses a security concern.  The licensing of Corporate bodies is a shield to criminality against the revenue functions of the service et al.

“It is our view that the Permanent Secretaries at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Finance as the supervisory Ministries should kickstart discussions on the best options for a mutual co- existence and operations of CRFFN and CEMA as it affects the freight forwarding profession.  Let it be on record and for emphasis that we cannot achieve compliance in Customs duty assessment if we do not respect the principles and practices of professionalism.  It is a fact that it is only a person who is trained and skilled and certified by an approved Institution of learning that can be referred to as a professional. This is the primary and statutory duty of CRFFN as opposed to licensing of corporate bodies by the NCS which is a mere vocation for practitioners.  Under the corporate licensing code of the Nigeria Customs, the basic requirement entails ownership of operational vehicle, office space, books of instruction and
the representative being literate in English and familiar with Customs formalities.  The scope of a licensed customs agent is limited to entry/export points of Nigeria with regard to revenue collection.

“We shall in due course take on Ijora, KLT and other terminals nationwide that have not been viable.  The ongoing restructuring in the Service should also take steps to limit wastes in Government finances.  It is most unreasonable and economically unviable to maintain a command with full complements of officers who are not adding value to the economy or not
justifying the tax payers’ money being expended on them”.

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