Beacons of Nigerian Maritime Industry: Nwagbara dedicates recognition to Prof. Chris Ohuruogu


The Managing Partner, Maritime and Commercial Law Partners, Barr. Osuala Emmanuel Nwagbara has said that he has dedicated his recognition as one of the beacons of the industry in a book, “Beacons of Nigerian Maritime Industry” recently published by tow maritime journalists, Mrs. Hope Orivri and Mr. Obiajulu Agu to prof. Chris Ohuruogu of the Baze University, Abuja, Nigeria.

Nwagbara who made this known while speaking in his office at Apapa, Lagos when he was presented with copies of the books by one of the authors, Mrs. Hope Orivri explained that Prof. Chris Ohuruogu, though his classmate at the then University of Ife now Obafemi Awolowo University started the journey to his recognition in the publication.

According to him,” In year 2000, he persuaded me, in fact, he virtually forced me to take interest in Master’s Degree in maritime and commercial law at the Maritime Institute of the Lagos state University. He persuaded me on a number of times to take interest and I reluctantly agreed with him and today, what he forced me literary to do has result in huge recognition for me in the industry and it will be uncharitable if I don’t acknowledge the role that he played making me a part of this great event. So, I dedicate my recognition in this publication to him.

“The feeling I have is the feeling of fulfillment and I believe that everyone who attended this book presentation on that day had the same fulfillment and I thank God that I am featured in this book which is actually a stellar collection of people who have played roles in the industry with a view to moving the industry forward and giving hope that the industry has much more in stock for Nigeria than we are experiencing right now”.

On why he voluntarily told his story as published in the book, he said,” I believe that our lives should inspire generation next in whatever you do and in which you believe you have done well by putting in your best. I believe that I have to receive them and give them my story with the expectation that my story will inspire somebody somewhere into doing things right and into believing in value, into believing the whatever you get from your work, you should earn it, into believing in the virtues of hard work and that at the end of the day, giving your best in whatever you do will also give you the best and for me, the best is in recognitions like this in the industry that I have served all my life”.

He therefore congratulated the publishers and advised them not to allow this edition to be the only edition urging them to review the publication at least every five years and keep recognizing all of those who had continued to play vital role necessary for the growth of the maritime industry in Nigeria and by extension, the Nigerian economy.

“And for journalists generally, I say that there is no life without communication, journalism is about communication and it is communication that makes life. Journalism is a very highly revered profession, it has its own difficulties and challenges but journalists like every other people in other endeavor who persevere, who love what they do and who do it well, at the end of the day, they are heroes and heroines of our society.

“So, I encourage journalists of today to be objective and dedicated in what they do and material benefit will come from what you do but there should be no desperation about it, it surely will come when you have put I your best. There is no profession in this life that has no accolades, there is no profession that does not have a zenith in terms of attainment and achievements and journalism is just one of those professions where you attain excellence through persistence in what you do driven by passion and excellence”, he admonished.

Earlier in her speech, Mrs. Hope Orivri, one of the authors of the book, speaking about Barr. Nwagbara noted that they desired to talk to every operator in the industry but for Barr. Nwagbara and a number of others, one would see that they were quite vibrant as well as possess certain values.

“We didn’t look at it on the surface, we look at people that when you talk with them, you will see value in the things that they say, in the things that they do, you see passion driving them and you know that for somebody like him, it is not the surface value of what they do but you know that they have very firm foundation of the things that have given them the conviction to remain in the operations where they are in the maritime industry in Nigeria.

“Look at the personalities featured in this book, fifty of them, each of them has very spectacular story, a story not just of interest on its own, a story that stands as a signpost for life, a story of encouragement, a story that tells you whatever life throws at you, don’t cry, hold that thing, turn it around and make the best out of it”, she said.

Photo: L-R: Managing Partner of Maritime and Commercial Law Partners, Barr. Osuala Emmanuel Nwagbara and one of the authors of the book, Mrs. Hope Orivri during presentation of copies of the book to the former in his office in Lagos.

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