Avocado Society of Nigeria confers Grand Patron on Obasanjo


… As former President wants Nigeria to become leading producer of Avocado in Africa

Former Nigeria’s President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, has been conferred with the Grand Patron of the Avocado Society of Nigeria even as he says he wants to see Nigeria become one of, if not the leading Avocado Producer in Africa.

During the conferment ceremony which took place at the hill top mansion of the former President in Abeokuta on Friday, the Chief Executive Officer, Amb. Adeniyi Sola Bunmi extolled the efforts of the former President at promoting agriculture in Nigeria and Africa at large.

The Awardee who recently made a multi-million naira investment into Avocado productions is an unrepentant lover and Advocate of Agriculture.

The association leader described such virtue as a rare one.

“If at this old age and considering the affluence of Chief Obasanjo, he still does not underemphasize the importance of taking opportunities; I think he is passing a great message to all Nigerians regardless of class that the Avocado production must be tapped into by all. Chief Obasanjo has spoken a loud message and Nigerians must rise to taking advantage of it. Baba is now the Society’s grand patron because we believe in his capacity and we want him to lead this awareness for the good of our nation and the prosperity of our people”, the Chief Executive Officer stated.

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo thanked the leadership of the Avocado Society and assured them of his total commitment to the Avocado Society.

According to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, ‘”Gold is sold to only those who know its value. Talking about agribusiness in Africa and particularly in Nigeria, I see and hear people complain about unemployment, and I tell myself that these people travel miles in search of what is hidden in their pockets. It is not a question of whether or not jobs are available. Job opportunities are indeed very available in the area of agribusiness.

“I have taken agribusiness as my main profession for well over 40 years, and of late I have tried to widen and deepen my agricultural activities as a means of generating and creating employment opportunities for others, and I feel proud to say that avocado is one of them. Avocado is a unique crop, a very lucrative business which can be done as either a business or a hobby, from having a plantation or just few trees in one’s compound.

“I am happy to be a member of this association. I hope more people will appreciate the value of avocado business and join us either as a hobby or as a business. Avocado is a very healthy fruit with numerous benefits. The oil as well as the pulp from it is used in the cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical companies and therapeutic activities.

“I will say a bit of avocado everyday keeps the doctor away. I want to see Nigeria become one of, if not the leading Avocado Producer in Africa.”

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