Soludo celebrates International Youth Day, says youths are bridge to the future


Anambra State Governor, Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR, has admonished youths in the state against being used to perpetrate crimes, saying it will end up destroying their future.

Governor Soludo stated this during the 2022 International Youth Day Celebration which took place at the Professor Dora Akunyili Women’s Development Center, Awka.

The Governor said that it is a special day to celebrate the youths and the future as according to him, the youths constitute the bridge to the future.

Governor Soludo emphasized that he consciously gave the youths opportunity to be part of his cabinet to demonstrate his unflinching beliefs in the youth.

“The youths in our cabinet go to show how we want to get them involved in the scheme of things. The future we are trying to build with our manifesto is for you. Become involved, come on board as we journey towards a liveable and prosperous homeland”, Governor Soludo stressed.

He lamented that some people who, unfortunately, are being used to cause insecurity in the state, are, sadly a handful of youths.

“But the people who incidentally give us headache in the homeland happen to be the youths. I know that the youths here represents the shinning light of our dear State. I will therefore like to advise those carrying guns around to commit havoc against the people to leave Anambra state”, he said.

“These people committing these crimes are not unknown gunmen”, Governor Soludo maintained that they are somebody’s brother, son, friend who lives within the community and bushes.

“If you see something, say something. I’ll tell you this, especially those of you from the South senatorial zone, you may have noticed a difference. We are not giving these criminals a space. Anyone that you know, who is involved in any form of criminalities, say something. We have given out some phone numbers that you can immediately call to report any criminal activity. And you can be rest assured that we will go after them and pick them up anytime we receive such timely information”, the Governor assured.

Governor Soludo reiterated that there is nowhere to hide for any criminal in Anambra State.

His words, “There is nowhere to hide in Anambra. Our youth must blossom and fulfill their God given potentials. When youths don’t go to school every Monday, how can they compete with the rest of the world? We must continue to work to earn a decent living.

“In this administration, we have a huge agenda for the youth. The teachers and the medical personnel being recruited are youths. We have 2.5 billion naira for the youth empowerment. We will go a whole length to ensure we exhaust it. The future belongs to you, not just the future, today is yours”, he added.

The Governor also pointed out that many people want to enjoy but don’t want to work for it stating that it is not part of the Igbo mantra.

“The society dies the day we stopped asking people what they do for a living. It’s time for our youths to get back to society by asking those relevant questions. We must go back to the basics. It was not so when we were growing up”,Governor Soludo advised.

Reiterating his administration’s security initiatives, the Governor said that some criminals came with the intention to ruin the future of the youth in the state noting that to work against it, they must be organized saying that Anambra state government has been taking them out one after the other even as he posited that such evil agenda cannot prevail over the children of God.

Professor Soludo maintained, “we are keeping awake for your sake. But you have your own roles to play to be responsible. I urge you to acquire a skill and government can then help you. We will provide the enabling environment from where we will head into infrastructure.

“We are just waiting for the rains to subside, Anambra will become a massive construction site. It is a collective responsibility. We must fix our own state. Get interested in what goes on. Get your PVC ready because you are going to have a say. You must play critical roles. If you are indifferent, crooks will govern you”, he further admonished the youths

He also asked the youth to help mobilize others stressing that a new society is possible only with their active participation.

“Those who refuse to participate will certainly lose their right to complain. I’ll tell you one thing that must be explained. There are no resources to pay people who are literally doing nothing. We rather use such resources to work for the people. Our youths are looking for opportunities and that’s what we stand for”, said the Governor.

The event which was witnessed by various youth groups and organisations also had the Commissioner for Youth Development, Mr. Patrick Aghamba and the former Commissioner for Basic Education, Professor Kate Omenugha who was the Keynote Speaker in attendance.

Photo: Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo, Anambra State Governor addressing Anambra youths at the event to mark this year’s International Youth Day celebration at the Prof. Dora Akunyili Women Development Centre, Awka on Friday.

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