Anambra Guber: Obaze commits self to one term in office


The governorship candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the November 18, 2017 gubernatorial election in Anambra State, Mr. Oseloka Obaze has said that he will govern the state for a single term of four years if he is elected governor.

Obaze who stated this in a speech he delivered on the occasion of the official flag off of his 2017 governorship campaign at the All Saints Cathedral Field, Onitsha on Monday said that the single term would be four years of intensive and productive hard work adding that his government would focus primarily on human development capital anchored on education.

He further pledged to tackle youth unemployment through vocational training and certification.

According to him,”I have committed myself and my administration to a single four-year term in office – 2018-2022. It will be four years of intensive and productive hard work. Our focus will be primarily on human development capital anchored on education. We will thus commit 26% of our budget to education, with 10% going to parochial and privately owned schools. We will in that context offer free education from kindergarten to JS3. We will also tackle youth unemployment through vocational training and certification”.

He observed that Anambra State was in utter disrepair and was broken thus the need to fix it.

“Anambra people are suffering. Despite the hype and propaganda, our people are no longer enjoying the true dividends of democracy. The Government of Governor Willie Obiano has failed them in more ways than one. Anambra deserves better. We must therefore change the leadership and political narrative.

“Since governance is all about the delivery of basic services, we Anambra is not doing very well. Poor leadership, fiscal recklessness and lack of transparency and focus remain key challenges for the incumbent government.

“However, we know we have not done so well economically, not because the natural resources do not exist, not because the talents are not there, but because “narrow political considerations have progressively and consistently trumped rational economic thinking and policy in governance” Such a defeatist mindset must change.

“Changing the leadership and governance narrative in Anambra is simple. We must borrow and implement international best practices related to governance. For now the Obiano Government talk the talk but do not walk the walk. What this means is that Ndi Anambra continue to suffer; we suffer from poor infrastructure, unsanitary environment, high taxes and levies, youth unemployment, falling educational standards, etc. Our housing deficit and challenges are not any lighter”.

The PDP governorship hopeful insisted the present government had failed in instituting known good attributes of governance which include “macroeconomic discipline and balances; providing physical and social infrastructure; raising savings and investment rates; and providing good governance saying that the government had been financially reckless.

He continued,”It has in less than four years, squandered over N455 billion in budgeted and appropriated funds; N75 billion in state savings and investments and N60 billion in borrowings. Yet there is nothing on ground that is commensurate with such public expenditure. Yet we are told that Willie is working and the people are happy. No! our people are sad, disenfranchised and hungry. Willie Must Go!

“We have been called to service. We stand ready to serve, with humility and diligence. We must remember that “A leader is not just a person of character; but character by definition, is leadership.” We have been given a unique opportunity. We must make good of this chance. We must seize the moment.

“Simply put, Anambra deserves better than what it is getting in terms of leadership, development and wealth and job creation. Anambra deserves better than what it has experienced in the past three years in terms of investments that are far from regenerative. Beyond cliches, if Anambra is an oil producing state but we are not earning revenue, it means the system is broken.

“If we have spent over N455 billion in appropriated funds, in four years, frittered away over N75 billion in savings, and borrowed over N60 billion in foreign and domestic loans, yet do not have commensurate infrastructure for those expenses, then the system is broken. If we have dropped from number one ranking in national examinations to sixth and seventh positions respectively, then the system needs to be fixed.

“If our social and development infrastructures are crumbling due to lack of maintenance, then we face a crisis that needs to be fixed. If our established social welfare safety net for the aged has become moribund, then that system is broken.

“Those who say the system is not broken are gratuitously clever by half. I say the system is broken, it needs to be fixed urgently.” PDP must fix it. Let us get to work. Let us go out and win the 18 November election for our children and posterity. Let us kick this uncaring government out and bring back sanity and accountability to governance. Willie is walking! Willie is going!! Going, Going Going , Willie is Gone!!!”.

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