CILT attributes current fuel scarcity to government’s complacency


As fuel scarcity continues to bite harder with its negative effects being felt all over the country, the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) Nigeria has blamed the scarcity on federal government’s complacency.

The National Executive Director of CILT, Mr. Paul Ndibe who made this known in an exclusive interview with Primetime Reporters in Lagos yesterday said that for so many years now, Nigerians had conquered the agony of fuel scarcity during Christmas as according to him,” it is the worst time for anybody to worry about fuel scarcity because most people will move from one location to the other”.

He noted that anything that would impede that movement will create a lot of disruptions in so many families and in the arrangements of so many persons.

“So, for government to allow this to happen, it is a minus for the government and since it is the only product Nigeria is known for and we cannot be able to meet up the demand level, government will be blamed for it.

“So, we do not want to know how it happened but for the fact that there is a Department for Petroleum Resources in this country and this is the only thing Nigeria is known for and for that Nigeria has not actually fared well, government itself should be held responsible for that”, he said.

On the way out of the scarcity, the NED said,”It is still government, if there is any issue of petroleum products, it is for the government. You have a Minister responsible, you have a Minister of State and have agencies of government responsible for it. So, it is still government.

“If government wants it to happen, that is why it is happening, if government don’t want it to happen, they know what to do because nobody will teach them anymore. It is a practice that has been there for a very long time and they know how to weather through the storm but they chose not to this time and they should take responsibility for that”.

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