Fire and Power Ministries to run tuition free school, free hospital services


The Fire and Power Ministries Incorporated with headquarters in Aboru, Lagos has said that part of the visions of the church is to run a tuition free school, free hospital services and an orphanage.

The Senior Pastor of the Church, Rev. Ezekiel Chukwuyem Arimobi who disclosed this in a sermon to mark this year’s annual thanksgiving of the church in Lagos said that although the church was still growing, few years from now, all of them would be realized.

According to him,”It is part of the visions of the church to run free education, free hospital services and run an orphanage, all of them given free of charge. But as it is, we are still growing and we are still building momentum and we trust God that few years from now, all of them are going to materialize as the lord blesses us because we need additional blessings to be able to fulfill all these objectives”.

Speaking on the funding for the project, Rev. Arimobi added that God was not constrained by the things that were in the physical saying that once the time was matured, they would begin to accomplish them.

“It id not about people, it is about God, once God is involved and God willing, he could use anybody and anything to bring it to pass and that is our hope, we are believing him for what he has said he will bring to pass”, he said.

He recalled that in building their church edifice, it was a humble beginning but God helped them to accomplish a dream of a bigger edifice for God even without any sponsorship or any form of assistance from outside the church.

He however appreciated the commitment of the members of the church in bringing about a befitting place of worship for God.

On pastors who charge outrageous fees in a schools built with church fund that members hardly could afford sending their wards to those schools, the Senior Pastor had this to say:

“I would like you to know that God called us differently and gave us different platforms. I wasn’t there when God was calling them and they were not there when God is calling me, what God is saying to me is what I am doing and I believe that whatever God asked them to do is what they are doing and God will help them and help even the church members as to bringing all those projects to pass. I believe that with time, they will get to a meeting point both those who are contributing and the pastors in question”.

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