NAGAFF Elections: Aniebonam endorses Okoro-Obi for Tincan Chapter Chairman


The founder of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF), Dr. Boniface Aniebonam has given his endorsement to one of the Chairmanship aspirants in the Tincan Island chapter of the association, Mr. Kenneth Okoro-Obi Chidozie in the forthcoming chapter elections.

Although subtly, Aniebonam gave the endorsement while addressing members of the association in the chapter during the official campaign flag off of Mr. Okoro-Obi yesterday at the chapter secretariat in Tincan Island, Lagos.

He said,”The past election that went on in Tincan Island here, at a point there were instances I didn’t understand what the whole thing was all about. Those who know me know that I eat NAGAFF, I dream NAGAFF, any obstacle before NAGAFF is an obstacle before me and that obstacle must be dismantled no matter who is involved.

“As you are now, I want you people to think like me, you are wearing a toga of change. The toga of change does not mean wearing agbada or those things, it has to do with who you are.

“I am inspired by his speech but I will get to that. You know, when I sit down and listen to people, what goes through my mind, if I am not here tomorrow, who can carry this masquerade? That is the problem before me now but the good news is that I am beginning to identify those who will carry this masquerade even more than myself.

“As I sat down on that chair, I was whispering to the Deputy National President Special Duties, the Head of Special Duties in NAGAFF and I said, if I had known this man (Okoro-Obi) before, he could have been at the headquarters. I have listened to the aspirant and I need to make it clear to everybody here, the last time there was election here, it is alleged that the incumbent Chairman is Dr. Aniebonam’s boy, he is an anointed child and I was just laughing. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated with propaganda, what you need to do is to get people who will vote for you.

“Now, for the aspirant, I have confirmed him a material (for Chairmanship) but leadership is not only about grammar, leadership entails a lot. So, in democracy, you make your choice. All of you that are here, you are clapping for him because you are supporting him. How do you support him? The stakes are high. What are the stakes that are high? Membership of CRFFN and full membership of NAGAFF.

“So, if you want him to start buying forms for all of you, you are not supporting him, mark my word. So, you need to check whether you are supporting him or not and if you are supporting him, you must be able to pay for your form yourself and if you are supporting him, you must be able to pay for your form for yourself and then bring other people to support him.

“Credible NAGAFF members are coming up, the incumbent (Tincan Chairman) is there doing the best he can do. What I will only tell you people, discuss issues as you politic, don’t discuss individuals, if you do that, you will be disqualified”.

Earlier in his address, the Chairmanship aspirant, Mr. Kenneth Okoro-Obi Chidozie stated that the wish of every NAGAFF member at Tincan chapter was an obvious change that would bring about nee vision and direction for a better livelihood for self, family adding that that wish had eluded most of them even till this moment as they continue to lay blames on the federal government and her policies even when the keys to unlocking those dreams were right on their palms.

Okoro-Obi assured that he would help them to unlock those dreams even as he said that the magic was to apply the real key adding that knowledge was that key.

“Our leadership is going to open your eyes to ser the great opportunities you have been blindly missing all these years because no one is there to give you directions. We will bring the change you desire and with your support, we shall effect that desired change, Amen”, he assured.

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