Anambra re-strategizes for improved security operations


Warns against torture, extra-judicial killing, illegal detention

Anambra State is poised to consolidate on the gains of the improved security situation that has  immensely enhanced the investment portfolio of the State, as it re-strategizes for more breakthroughs with the formation of a new Vigilante Supervisory committee with specific operational guidelines under the watch of the Police command.

The new Vigilante security arrangement in the State which is aimed at giving bite to the police
and vigilante operations, and for ease of effective neighborhood policing has led to the division of the operations into three zones under the committee members.

Anambra North Senatorial zone has Ikechukwu Ayo Aduba as the new helmsman and Victor Okoye as
assistant,  Anambra Central district has Chikaodi Anarah as head and Osita Christopher as assistant,
while Anambra South zone will operate under the watch of His Excellency, Emeka  Sibeudu as leader,  with Paul Obi Anasoh, Dr. J.A.T Okolo and Chima Umeoji in the team.

Coming on the heels of the new formation, the State Police Command and the new Vigilante Committee have held a joint meeting and resolved that all units that are not registered with the government or their town’s Central Vigilante Group will be demobilized just as harmonization of Police and Vigilante Joint Patrols will be carried out at the respective Area Command forthwith.

It was also resolved that indiscriminate display of firearms by operatives at public places and events including burial ceremonies, weddings and launchings should stop henceforth, and  no vigilante unit should act independently  to avoid the wrath of the law, while all security operations must now be strictly a joint effort with the police.

The joint meeting further resolved that welfare of operatives will be adequately taken care of, while polarization of vigilante units by individuals for selfish motives will not be tolerated, as unauthorized units will be promptly dissolved and disbanded.

The meeting also declared the use of operational vehicles outside one’s jurisdiction or area of coverage as illegal and an offence, and in addition that the brandishing of unregistered arms is a capital offence which will be investigated by the police and punished where found culpable.

The resolutions were endorsed by the Anambra State Commissioner of Police; Mr. Ikechukwu Ayo Aduba for north central, and the Chairman of State Vigilante Supervisory Committee respectively. They noted that the task of making Anambra State crime-free during the yuletide period and beyond is a civic and patriotic duty of all citizens, adding that it should be done with decorum.

In the same vein, Operational Guidelines have been set-out for the operations of vigilante groups in the
state with sanctions for erring operators stipulated in a document.

According to the set out rules, all patrol vehicles belonging to the State government should be parked
at the nearest police Division or Area Command when not involved in official duties, as any such vehicle parked at beer parlours or other unbefitting places should be impounded by the police till further notice.

“Any person wielding a gun while not dressed in appropriate gear or on mufti, will be arrested and taken to the nearest police station for investigation,” while “indiscriminate incident of robbery in the area of coverage of all units would warrant arrest of operatives till full investigation is

It is also an offence for any vigilante unit to visit other states for burials and operations, except when permitted by the Area Commander. Violation of this directive will be arrested and patrol vehicles and arms of the offending units impounded.
“Any operative not with a registered unit and carrying an unregistered arm would be treated like a
criminal till investigation is concluded,” just as “all acts of illegality like extortion, torture of people, extra-judicial killing, operation of cells for unlawful detention of people, political thuggery and
collusion in dubious land deals by operatives shall be punishable by arrest, detention
and prosecution”.


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