Mr. Emeka Akabogu Esq.


Mr. Emeka Akabogu is an expert in the field of maritime law and policy in Nigeria and is the Principal Partner at the law firm, Akabogu and Associates. He holds a Masters degree specialising in Maritime Laws from the University College London. His book, “Maritime Cabotage in Nigeria”, was the first published work on the subject matter in Nigeria.

Mr. Akabogu is the Convener of the globally acclaimed OTL Africa Downstream, a leading initiative for downstream petroleum business in Africa. He is also a strong advocate at the bar and has anchored a string of seminal cases on Marine cargo claims and interpretation of Nigeria’s Cabotage laws.

He is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Admiralty Resource Services, a leading resource firm for shipping and petroleum. He is a recipient of the prestigious British Chevening Scholarship, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Shipping and the publisher of the niche-market industry magazine,” Marine and Petroleum Nigeria.

Emeka Akabogu is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, London Shipping Law Center, Maritime Arbitrators Association of Nigeria, Chevening International and Energy Institute. He is the Coordinator of the Oil and Gas Law Forum of the Centre for Petroleum Information (CPI) and serves on the Executive Council of the Nigerian Maritime Law Association as Publicity Secretary.



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