N75bn left by Peter Obi: Questions to investigate


By Ejim Ofor

I am very surprised that this issue is raging! For Christ sake, Anambra state accounts were published when Peter Obi handed over and nearly ALL the 75b were invested in shares and stocks! All the companies where investments were made were listed for all to see.

If Peter said he left 75b, he couldn’t have said CASH or he’ll be shooting himself in the leg. Obiano came in and saw peanuts left with the banks. That’s why he conducted an audit of State income and found out that Peter had left him absolutely nothing to work with. He froze all government accounts and didn’t pay his executives for about 2 months while he sorted out the finances.

Peter really messed him up by sharing the remaining cash to schools, churches and organisations a few weeks before he handed over so that Obiano will have nothing to work him and will then be termed a failure! Ask yourselves; why was he doling out hundreds of millions of cash to organisations and institutions just 2 weeks before handing over? Why did he buy and distribute lots of buses just a few days before handing over? Why did he spend billions conducting Local Government elections a few weeks before leaving…what he didn’t do in 8 years!!? Why did he award billion naira contracts just when he was about to hand over? What does all these tell you? Peter wanted to ruin Willie Obiano because Willie wasn’t the pushover he expected that will say yes to everything he is asked to do.

Peter found out very late and so he had to frustrate him by putting obstacles on his performance route so that he won’t perform and will be impeached or won’t get a second term! Peter forgot one thing….Willie Obiano’s ascendancy was divinely destined and anyone who fights him has Almighty forces to contend with.

No force on earth can stop Willie Obiano fulfilling his destiny on Earth!

Mr. Peter Obi said in his terminal Report that in the N75 Billion he left, that N11.5 Billion of it would be Anambra State’s bank balance on March 14, 2014, about 4 days from the day he gave his Terminal Report. Was the reason for the projection to 4 days to allow the February monthly allocation to come in? Which it did 3 days later.

And how come Peter Obi then wrote cheques from the same amount up till, and including the morning of March 17, 2014 the day of the handover? Is it true that the beneficiaries of these cheques were advised to hurry up and cash the cheques? Is it true that he now left only N300 million (by one account) or N1.5 Million (by another account) from that N11.5 Billion by the morning of handover. These are items and questions that require serious investigation!

What do you think?

Ejim Offor


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