Ex MAN boss commends Buhari on 2nd Niger Bridge, revised 2020 budget


A former Chairman of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) overseeing Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi states, Chief Aloysius Azubuike Okafor has commended President Muhammadu Buhari on the speed with which the second Niger Bridge is being constructed.

In a press statement in Onitsha, Chief Okafor said he visited the various sections of the project and was convinced that the project was being taken seriously by the federal government under President Buhari and that he was convinced that the project would be delivered on schedule.

According to him, the project was no longer a political gimmick of the past but a reality made possible by President Buhari.

Enumerating the benefits of the project, Chief Okafor said the project would not only decongest and reduce stress on the existing bridge but would promote business in the South East zone tremendously.

He pointed out that the quantum of movement of goods and services between the South Easterners and other parts of the country will multiply with the possibility of creating many employments for the youths.

The former MAN Chief also commended the contractor handling the job, Julius Berger for their speed and diligence with display of sophisticated equipment which made an impressive and spectacular scenario of the site.

Speaking on the economy, Chief Okafor said the urgent approval of the revised 2020 budget would further stimulate the nation’s economy by giving it a soft landing over negative effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Chief Okafor pointed out that the decision of President Buhari to increase the budget was very strategic as it placed priority on provision of critical infrastructure projects that would possibly reflate the economy.

However, he expressed regrets that in spite of efforts being made by the Buhari administration on power, the sector had remained comatose such that industrialists are still groaning under the negative effects of poor power supply and high tariff.

Photo: Ongoing works on 2nd Niger Bridge.

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    I am rather jolted by this devious scavenging job proposal by thieving politicians.
    We are living witnesses to several past Governments denigrating policy summersault; PIDA,IDR,CRI,RAR and now PAAR which if strictly enforced will curtail brazen arm twisting, multiple trade alerts by various CUSTOMS UNITS -an impunity and deliberate bottle neck against trade facilitation for which officers raise frivolous D/N contrary to extant sections of CEMA that makes their yearly GOVERNMENT revenue target a child,s play even under this demonic Covid-19 pandemic,while officers are equally overshooting their “private pocket revenue target” at the detriment of our economy and hyper inflation on traded imported goods in our markets.
    CBN should for exigencies of our endemic corruption, CREAT A PORT TRADE FACILITATION DEPARTMENT to independently understudy how our neibouring Countries economy became dependent on their ports mega revenue generation engendered by full port operation and automation by INSTALLING,SECURING,AND MANNING THE SCANNING MACHINES FOR OPTIMUM CUSTOMS EXAMINATION /REVENUE GENERATION FOR OUR ECONOMY AND SHIP QUICK TURNAROUND.
    The entire system is enmeshed in decades of endemic and systemic corruption that will shake this Country to its very foundation akin to what is unfolding at EFCC and requires a VERY RADICAL SOLUTION which will decongest our ports ,free our port access roads from corruption induced perpetual gridlock.
    Being a witness for over 3 decades in our port operation i sincerely believe it is man- made and surmountable by dealing a very deadly blow to some maritime militants masquerading as leaders and overlords in our ports.
    My take please.
    Ben Uche Ndee RFF
    Emeritus Presd,

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