Journey towards the emancipation of the country has begun, Obi declares


… As he clinches Labour Party presidential ticket

… Says let us return Nigeria to their rightful owners

The Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi has said that the journey towards the emancipation of the country has begun.

Obi who stated this in his acceptance speech after clinching the presidential ticket of the Labour Party in Asaba, the Delta State capital on Monday noted that the journey was going to be a collective one that would certainly require the cooperation of critical stakeholders in the country, especially the youth whose future had been thoroughly degraded.

While insisting that history beckons, the Labour Party standard bearer observed that Nigerians remained hopeful for a national rebirth,which implied returning Nigeria to Nigerians – farmers, teachers and students, lecturers, artisans, workers, pensioners and over a hundred million poor Nigerians who were not sure where their next meal would come from.

“Therefore, what you are doing today is a patriotic duty towards seeking the desired political emancipation of our dear country, which stands wounded by many years of cumulative leadership failure.

“Painfully, our current dysfunctional system rewards unearned income and conspicuous consumption; allows university lecturers to remain on strike for months; keep our youths at home; and owe pensioners who gave their patriotic sweat and their youthful energy to serve this country.

“The despicable contrast is that those responsible for the mess -those elected to take care of them – have abandoned the national currency and are living in opulence and like kings, spend dollars to buy delegates as well as houses all over the world. Meanwhile, they owe most workers, lecturers and retirees.

“Yes, our country stands hijacked by forces of retrogression. We are almost zero in all indices of development. As a result, our future, especially those of the youth and generations unborn is in ruins. We have become a laughing stock among other nations including African countries where we were once revered.

“As a party that represents the workers and masses of this great nation, we are people organised and working for our economic rebirth. As I am nominated today, I humbly proclaim that the journey towards the emancipation of the country has begun.

“I note with humility that the journey is going to be a collective one that will certainly require the cooperation of critical stakeholders in our country especially the youth whose future has been thoroughly degraded”, he assured.

He however, thanked all of the delegates and call for their sustained support towards returning Nigeria to Nigerians from forces of bad leadership and retrogression arguing that such a noble tasks brooks no conscientious objectors.

Obi further said that in the battle to re-take Nigerian, the odds were great and seemingly insurmountable “but with our commitment, patriotism and understanding that we are doing what we are supposed to do for our country, lest she shall die, we shall move on discontent with what is and focused on enthroning what ought to be.”

“In doing this, our battle cry shall remain: get your PVC and become part of this great libration!” he added.

He continued, “Our governance mission will be twin-tracked. Secure Nigeria in every ramification: national security, human security, food security and tackling insecurity created by unemployment.

“We will also seek to unite our nation by pulling our people out of poverty and creating a new sense of nationalism and patriotism. Nigeria shall rise again and her people will be proud to claim ownership of her patrimony. Doing so is in our collective national interest.”

While earnestly thanking Nigerians for their faith in him, he disclosed that “In the days ahead, I will publish our governance manifesto, which will spell out our top governance priorities.”

“I assure you that no region; state, local government or communities will be left behind.I also assure you all that the struggle continues and that victory is certainly in sight towards the guarantee of a meaningful future for our youths and making this country a respected and viable member of a 21st century world that places high value on production over consumption”, he declared.

Photo: Mr. Peter Obi, Labour Party presidential candidate for 2023 election.

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