Dangers of Deforestation and Importance of Trees


By Gloria Gabriel Galadima

Deforestation is the clearing or thinning of forests by humans. Deforestation represents one of the burning issues globally. Estimates of deforestation traditionally are based on the forest cleared for human use, including removal of the trees for wood products and for crop lands and grazing lands.

Deforestation causes can either be direct or indirect. Among direct causes are natural effects such as hurricane, fires, parasites and floods. Human activities as agricultural expansion, cattle breeding, timber extraction, mining, oil extractions, dam construction and infrastructure development among others.

The loss of trees and other vegetation can cause climate change, desertification, soil erosion, fewer crops, flooding, increased green house gases in the atmosphere, and a host of other problems for indigenous people.

If we go on cutting of trees, it will disturb the balance in nature. There will be an increase in global warming, the habitat of animals is disturbed. In this process, animals would get killed by other animals or humans.

Deforestation can lead to a direct loss of wildlife habitat as well as a general degradation of their habitats. That is a bad omen to the collective existence of humans, animals and plants. The removal of trees and other types of vegetation reduces available food, shelter and breeding habitats. Animals may not be able to find water and food to survive within the remaining habitats.

Research has it that eighty percent (80%) of land, animals and plant live in forests and without the trees, most of them will die. Trees also keep one ground wet and cool, and help to drive the water cycle.
Without trees, the land will heat up and dry out and the dead wood will inevitably result in enormous wildlife.

Trees need air, space, sunshine, water and food to grow. Trees will continue to provide us the benefits that they always have, any other surviving organism, adaptations are made in an effort to fit inside the prevailing circumstances.

Plaints and animals benefit each other as members of food chains and ecosystems. Flowering plant rely on bees and humming birds, animals eat plant and sometimes they make home in them. When animals die and decompose, they enrich our soil with nitrates that stimulates plant growth.

When trees migrate, they move in group, like whole forest, new areas start to take root and expand, while the original areas shrink. Seedlings move by the wind or by birds and the environment contributes massively on their growth and survival.

Trees play a significant role in the existence of humans and animals. They provide food, fruits, shelter, clothing and other necessities of life. Hence, trees are very important for the making of the universe. See the need to plant a tree today.

The deforestation is very harmful to our commodity and to other communities around the world. We shall reject and avoid causing deforestation by recycling our paper and not throwing it away because then in the future more trees would need to be cut down. So if we just keep revising paper it would be more sustainable to our environment.

The local effect it has on our environment is that it decrease oxygen for inhalation while trees absorb carbondioxide and produce oxygen for living organisms like human beings and wild life. You can save lives of living species. Recycle your paper and say no to deforestation.

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