No one can influence reports of ANLCA Conflict Resolution Committee, CRFFN Chairman, Tsanni assures


… Insists on total adherence, enforcement of CRFFN establishment Act

Disturbed by the publications and rumours making the news wave, the Chairman, Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria, CRFFN, Governing Council, Alhaji Abubakar Tsanni has assured that no one has the power or monopoly to influence the reports of the Conflict Resolution Committee on the Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents, ANLCA crisis set up by the Council.

Tsanni who gave this assurance in a statement he issued in Abuja on Friday and made available to Primetime Reporters disclosed that the Governing Council was under the mandate of the Federal Ministry of Transportation to ensure compliance to the report so as to fast track a peaceful freight forwarding environment.

His words, “Let me repeat myself again, no one has the monopoly of influencing the report and at the same time, no one is above the law irrespective of one’s social status. May I quickly remind us that we are in a regulatory freight forwarding regime, make no mistake about it.

“While no interim report of the Committee has been submitted to the Minister as claimed by the ANLCA interim leadership, the CRFFN’s committee is working assiduously to complete its assignment on schedule.
The CRFFN will not leave any stone unturned to actualize the directives of the government and the intent of establishing the enabling act 16, 2007.”

The Chairman, however, insisted that the Governing Council and the Management of the CRFFN would, henceforth, pursue with every sense of commitment, a peaceful, viable and competitive freight forwarding environment explaining that achieving this would entail total adherence and enforcement of the relevant provisions of the Act 16, 2007.

“Hence, the relevant Committee of the Governing Council in conjunction with the Management of the CRFFN will regularly undertake the required oversight function on both the corporate freight forwarders and the freight forwarding associations to ensure sanity in the industry”, he added.

Going further, the Chairman observed that he had watched with regrets the gradual decline of love, passion and zeal to protect and promote the interest of the noble profession, especially in the context of being the nucleus and driver of the international trade, safety and security supply chain management.

While pointing out that the freight forwarding profession was at its lowest ebb in the transportation industry, he blamed it on the disjointedness of the leadership of the accredited freight forwarding associations at protecting and projecting professional interests, rather personal and segment interests
was the order of the day.

Tsanni, therefore, informed that the Federal Government through its related ministries and security agencies had expressed serious worries and disappointment both with the profession and professional comportment thereby casting serious questions on the freight forwarder’ professional ethics and integrity.

“The Federal government is quite mindful of the fact that the freight forwarders are essential service providers, grossly dissatisfied with its present state of professional practices and endeavors, hence, it has directed for urgent professional redirection as our rating amongst the comity of freight forwarding nations is not encouraging.

“Pursuance to these, I make bold to posit that, at this juncture, there is urgent need for professional reevaluation, self stock taking and purging on the part of all.

“Obviously, things have to change for the common good. Collectively, we all must exhibit capacity as professional to moderate ourselves and show leadership capacity at all levels. Hence, the essence of this message centering on the leadership, especially those who are deeply engulf in leadership crisis, prompted by self-centeredness without recourse to professional interests nor the corporate image of their organizations.

“It is time to have a rethink, it is time to go back and put the love for our profession first, it is time to make sacrifices, it is time to reunite for the common good of our profession. With disunity within, it is not possible for us to regain our professional pride nor occupy our rightful place, adding value in the port and supply chain, given the prevailing circumstances.

“Therefore, going forward, I want to make the following “sermon on track” for the well-being of the associations engulfed in administrative leadership crisis and this is without prejudice:

“1. If the association leaders will exchange quest to bask in the limelight of prominence and fame for simplicity, humility, meekness and love, the freight forwarding profession and professionals shall achieve tremendous sector coverages and advancements.

“2. Only when an association leader recognizes that, he that must be the greatest leader is the one who is a servant to all. Knowing that in this game of leadership, the first may be the last, and the last may be the first – this is scriptural.

“3. Wherefore, the greater you desire to lead, the more humble and meek you should seek to be. As the scripture admonishes, only our humility and meekness will accord us the favor of revelation of God’s mysteries and not our giftings and contacts.

“4. Humility being a virtue and an attributes to the nature of God, if applied with wisdom, leads to a quality leadership delivery.

“5. Let us embrace humility and meekness, then shun all forms of pride and selfishness for the good of all.

“Let’s strive towards promoting and protecting the organization’s corporate vision and mission while upholding the love of our profession and protecting its interests at all time”, he admonished.

He, therefore, solicited the cooperation of all leaders in the freight forwarding industry and members alike in achieving a better and well repositioned industry where practitioners would thrive.

Photo: Alhaji Abubakar Tsanni, Chairman Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria, CRFFN Governing Council.

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