Ultimatum: CNRFF writes Transportation Minister, Sambo, reiterates plan to withdraw service over operational challenges


The Concerned Nigerian Registered Freight Forwarders, CNRFF has called on the Minister of Transportation, Engr. Mu’azu Jaji Sambo to compel the freight forwarding regulator in Nigeria, the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria, CRFFN to let the freight forwarders know what the issues are in discharging its regulatory roles.

The group in an open letter to the Minister dated October 12, 2022 and signed by its Convener, Dr. Basil Nwolisa expressed dismay at the way freight forwarders were suffering and no succour from the CRFFN whose mandate included the welfare and protection of freight forwarders and their business.

CNRFF demanded to know the cause of what it called the slow approach by the CRFFN in carrying out its regulatory functions adding that “In spite of the fact that the Concerned Nigerian Registered Freight Forwarders, CNRFF has thrown its weight in support of the implementation of the 32 Resolutions contained in the FFCF Communique, none of the items has been enforced.”

“We want to know why the freight forwarders are abandoned and forced to resort to self help while the Registrar relaxes in his air-conditioned office to monitor the payment of POF and ignore the welfare of those he is regulating. Today, the freight forwarders are facing the issues relating to customs arbitrary issuance of Debit Note, baseless queries on genuine declarations made for customs purposes, shipping company high-handedness and terminal operators operating without basic equipment etc.

“Kindly use your good office to ask the CRFFN who is our regulator to let us know what the issues are particularly those we voted to represent us. The 15 practitioners owe us some explanations on what is going on in the Council.”

The group also demanded to know the actual truth on the alleged certificate forgery by the Registrar of the Council, Barr. Samuel Nwakohu and the rumor that the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of transportation was shielding him from being prosecuted for various infractions.

“We have seen that the Registrar is careless about carrying out his roles and he should be called to order and if found not having the capacity, he should be shown the way out.

“If after 7 days from now and our association discovers that no one cares for our plights we shall take it officially, and if that approach fails, the next option shall be to galvanize support from our members to withdraw our services from the ports all over.

“We want to believe that the Permanent Secretary is not part of our predicaments and that the rumors that the Registrar is trying to acquire a new office for an over bloated amount is not true.

“We have ran out of patience as I speak with you. We cannot fold our hands and see our members loiter like sheeps without a shepherd. Enough is Enough!
If this trend continues, we cannot guarantee industrial harmony anymore as our members are living in total frustration” CNRFF writes.

Photo: Dr. Basil Nwolisa, Convener, Concerned Nigerian Registered Freight Forwarders.

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