SAFE Summit: Ado Ekiti To Host 2023 Edition On Sustainable Agriculture


In a bid to foster sustainable agricultural practices, Ado Ekiti is set to host the fourth edition of the SAFE SUMMIT, a national agricultural extravaganza that promises to be a game-changer for Nigeria’s food system.

According to the organizers, SAFE SUMMIT 2023, acronym for “Speak Agriculture for the Future Economy,” is not merely a regional event, but “a national initiative that will hold on 14th November 2023 and has already captured the attention of agricultural enthusiasts from all corners of Nigeria.”

“SAFE SUMMIT is not just an event; it’s a movement aimed at advancing agriculture on a national scale. By participating, attendees contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture in Nigeria, benefiting communities far and wide.”

This year, the SAFE SUMMIT goes beyond its Ekiti roots to welcome participants and stakeholders from across the nation. With registration now open, the summit is gearing up to host over 500 eager participants who are ready to engage, learn, and drive positive change in the agricultural landscape.

“What makes this year’s event even more special is the collaboration with esteemed partners: African Farmers Stories Initiative and the Netherlands Embassy”, the organizers said.

With its potential to catalyze a sustainable agricultural revolution that will positively impact the entire nation, Nigerians from every state are encouraged to secure their spots at SAFE SUMMIT 2023 website to join in shaping the future of agriculture nationwide. “Together, we can cultivate a brighter, more prosperous Nigeria,” the organizers enthused.

The organizers also disclosed that the impact of SAFE SUMMIT 2023 will extend far beyond the boundaries of Ado Ekiti and should be on the radar of every Nigerian as agriculture is all encompassing.

“SAFE SUMMIT is an inclusive platform that caters to a diverse audience, from experienced farmers and budding agripreneurs to urban dwellers with a newfound interest in agriculture. It represents an opportunity for Nigerians from all walks of life to engage with the vital sector of agriculture,” they said.

The summit is expected to converge leading experts, visionaries, and innovators in the agricultural field and will offer a rare chance for participants to tap into their expertise and gain insights into the latest trends and sustainable practices.

“SAFE SUMMIT provides a unique networking opportunity on a national scale. Attendees can connect with fellow agricultural enthusiasts, potential partners, and stakeholders from various states, fostering collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas,” they said.

The summit will provide the opportunity for practical learning, through interactive workshops that will cover an array of agricultural topics, from modern farming techniques to agribusiness strategies, giving participants the chance to acquire practical skills that can be implemented nationwide to enhance food security and economic growth.

Distinguished keynote speakers at the summit will share their journeys and successes in the agricultural sector, inspiring attendees to take their own initiatives to greater heights.

The summit will also feature an exhibition showcase to spotlight the latest agricultural innovations, tools, and technologies. This, according to the organizers, “serves as a national stage for companies and organizations to present solutions that can drive agricultural advancement across Nigeria.”

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