Mmesoma Jamb Saga: Prophecy Fulfilled, Says Prophet Dan


By Mmaduabuchi Onwumelu

Following the recent development that had a Good Samaritan sponsor Mmesoma Ejikeme for a trip abroad to continue her studies, Prophet Dan Okechukwu Ezeudoka has stated that this is a confirmation of his prophesy concerning the girl some months back.

It would be recalled that the prophecy which went viral when it was released as it was published on several media platforms read in part, “God wants to use Mmesoma to bless her family…God said she should not panic. That his hands are upon her. That he has remembered her in a Mighty way. The emphasis is on ‘Mighty Way’.

“That you should not panic. What I see upon you is beyond Africa. The mighty grace upon you is beyond Africa. People will see what they call Grace. Mighty favour and Mighty Grace. Not just grace but extraordinary grace upon you. So, my sister do not panic over what you are seeing or your experiences. It is just the way God wants it to happen so that he will use stupid things to make things beautiful. Those stupid things are people’s selfish interest…I want to tell you that outside what you are seeing, what is ahead of you will marvel you. You will be surprised and speechless.

“So, do not allow any of these things happening now to disturb your mind. God is in control. God is with you. Mighty hand of God almighty is upon you. The Mighty One. I saw grace. Mighty Grace outside and above Africa.

“Be focused and remember God always. That God who remembered you. It is written even from the day you were born. He will never disappoint you.

“God wants to use you to remember the whole of your family and your state. I am not telling you because you scored high in UTME but I am talking to you as a prophet.”

This was published in the July edition of Fides Newspaper amongst other news media platforms. And just as was prophesied, people have continued to reach out to Mmesoma and her family since the controversy to seek how to better their lot. This culminated in the recent securing of admission for her to continue her studies abroad with all expenses paid by her benefactors.

Speaking on the issue of the mutilated UTME score, Prophet Dan emphasized the need for the grace of God in every person’s life, adding that when the grace of God abounds, it does not matter what condition one finds oneself, a sure escape will surely be provided. He stated that the focus of his prophesy was not on the issue of her JAMB score but on the plan of God for her and her family.

He therefore thanked God for showing Mmesoma and her family mercy and reminded Mmesoma to remember him in her paradise.

Photo: Mmesoma Ejikeme.

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