Water Hyacinth: LASWA Opens Ibeshe Terminal, Majidun Jetty as Alternative Routes For Waterways Commuters


In response to the growing challenges posed by the influx of water hyacinth, the Lagos State Waterways Authority, LASWA has taken decisive action by opening the Ibeshe Jetty and Majidun Landing as alternative routes for ferry transportation. 

The water hyacinth, a persistent aquatic plant, has become a significant obstacle to the seamless navigation of ferries along specific routes, affecting the efficiency and reliability of water transportation in the region. LASWA’s strategic decision to open the Ibeshe jetty and Majidun is a quick fix and part of a comprehensive plan to inspect alternative and enhance existing conditions, mitigating the impact of this natural hindrance and ensuring the continued smooth operation of water transport commuters.

The Ibeshe and Majidun are strategically located along the waterways, serving as viable alternatives to bypass areas heavily affected by the water hyacinth infestation. A notable advantage of the Ibeshe Jetty is its proximity to Ikorodu Terminal by road, enabling commuters to reach their destination in under 15 minutes, offering a swift and efficient alternative. The Ibeshe jetty features a well-maintained car park, ensuring easy access and secure commuter parking.

Additionally, the presence of mobile police and local security contributes to the overall safety of the area, fostering a secure environment for commuters and their belongings. Adding to the appeal, the Ibeshe Jetty is equipped with a car wash, providing an added convenience for those who wish to maintain the cleanliness of their vehicles while utilizing water transport.

Integrating efficient water transportation, reliable road connectivity, and convenient amenities positions the Ibeshe Jetty as a comprehensive and attractive option for commuters. By opening these jetties and Majidun Landing, LASWA provides commuters with alternative routes, minimizing disruptions and delays in their daily lives.

While making the announcement recently, the General Manager of LASWA, Mr. Oluwadamilola Emmanuel, highlighted the authority’s commitment to ensuring the safety and efficiency of water transportation within Lagos State. He emphasized that the decision to open these alternative Waterways Infrastructure reflects LASWA’s proactive approach to addressing challenges in the water transport sector.

LASWA has already initiated efforts to clear the affected routes of water hyacinth and is working in collaboration with relevant environmental agencies to implement long-term solutions. The agency is also exploring technologies and strategies to prevent future occurrences of water hyacinth influx and ensure the sustainability of water transportation in the state.

Commuters and stakeholders have welcomed LASWA’s swift response to the water hyacinth challenge, expressing gratitude for the alternative routes provided.

The Ibeshe Jetty and Majidun Landing will play a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency and reliability of water transportation services. At the same time, LASWA continues in its efforts to address the root causes of the water hyacinth influx.

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